Von innen wärmt dich die innovative und nachhaltige Materialkombination Primaloft. Eine Mischung aus Polyesterfasern und Daunen/Federn mit RDS-Zertifizierung. Das macht die nachhaltige Winterjacke besonders leicht, atmungsaktiv und sorgt für einen angenehmen Ausgleich bei Kälte.


rimaLoft® is a brand of patented synthetic microfiber thermal insulation material that was developed for the United States Army in the 1980s. PrimaLoft is a registered trademark of PrimaLoft, Inc., the brand's parent company.

PrimaLoft synthetic insulations are used in the outdoor market in outerwearglovessleeping bags, and footwear.[1] It is also used as a down alternative in the home furnishings and bedding market in pillowscomforters, and mattress toppers.[2]

In 2007, PrimaLoft introduced a product extension of performance yarns. The yarns are manufactured with 100% polyester or 45% polyester fibers and 55% merino wool. PrimaLoft performance yarn is used in sockssweatersbase layers, and accessories primarily intended for the outdoor markets.[3]

In 2010, PrimaLoft was awarded compliance with the bluesign criteria for environmental impact, establishing PrimaLoft as the first branded insulation manufacturer to obtain bluesign's system partner status.[4] In 2015, PrimaLoft was confirmed as the largest global supplier of bluesign approved insulations.[5] The bluesign criteria is designed for maximum resource productivity with respect to environmental health and safety.[6]

Wool has been relied upon for years for cold, wet weather due to its ability to insulate when wet. Down has been relied upon for cold dry areas but becomes a liability when wet. Apparently the design goal of PrimaLoft was to produce a fabric providing down-like insulation effectiveness even when wet.

The original patent filed for PrimaLoft insulation, known as "Synthetic Down" and filed in May 1986, describes a particular mix of synthetic microfibers and macrofibers that compares favorably to down.[9] It was proven to provide an equally efficient thermal barrier, be of equivalent density, possess similar compressional properties, have improved wetting and drying characteristics, and have superior loft retention when wet.[10] The latter point illustrates PrimaLoft's primary advantage over down. Unlike down, PrimaLoft is able to retain 96% of its insulating capability when wet by maintaining its loft, and therefore is used in clothing and equipment intended to be used in cold, wet conditions, such as jacketsparkasglovessleeping bags and footwear.[11]

The intrinsic warmth of a jacket is highly correlated to both the type of PrimaLoft branded insulation used in the construction of the jacket, and the thickness of that insulation. A greater thickness of insulation will ensure greater airspace in which the insulation is able to trap body heat. Activity levels and warmth value of garments insulated with PrimaLoft products is largely dependent on the wearer and the garment’s intended end use.



According to the company website, PrimaLoft insulation products are machine washable in cold water and dryable on gentle cycle. Garments are recommended to be tumble dried in a home dryer at low temperatures, and the use of the extreme heats and caustic chemicals of dry cleaning, irons, and bleach detergents must be avoided.[12] Specific care instructions vary per garment.

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